35 Frugal but Fun Activities to Have With Your Kids

35 Frugal but Fun Activities to Have With Your Kids


It can be hard to enjoy each other as a family when fun activities are non-existent. Holidays and weekends can become boring for kids when there is not much to do. I have searched high and low for some free and cheap activities you can do with your kids. Thank goodness I managed to come up with 35  frugal fun activities to have with your kids. 

 These activities can be free or very cheap so you don’t have to blow up your budget. Usually we get discouraged when we want to plan family activities due to the cost factor. But there are many things you can do and have lots of fun at the same time without spending a lot of money. Most of the activities in this post can be done at home, you don’t need to spend on travel costs.


Check out these 35 frugal but fun activities to have with your kids and make some memories together!


Activities to do away from home

    1. Go camping
    2.  Plan a theme picnic
    3. Attend a local festival
    4. Visit a museum
    5. Volunteer together
    6. Go for a fishing trip
    7. River wade
    8. Horseback riding
    9. Go bowling
    10. Visit the zoo
    11. Watch an airshow
    12. Take a day trip 


  1. Activities to do at home or in your neighborhood 

    1.  Have a family movie night
    2.  Make your own play dough
    3.  Bake and decorate cupcakes
    4.  Have a pyjama day
    5.  Do some gardening
    6.  Make frozen treats
    7.  Prepare  an “anything goes lunch”
    8.  Participate in a race
    9.  Express creativity by painting
    10.  Play fun water games; see Autumn’s 25 water games ideas
    11.  Organize a diy scavenger hunt
    12.  Hold a family game night
    13.  Have an ice cream buffet at home
    14.  Face painting
    15.  Make cards
    16.  Stargaze in the backyard
    17.  Throw a bonfire bash
    18.  Fly kites
    19.  Play dress up
    20.  Go for a walk
    21.  Organize a family barbecue
    22.  Ride bikes 
    23. Play board games


Have some more ideas? Please feel welcome to share other frugal fun family activities you may have. 

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