Creating Meaningful Family Traditions

Creating Meaningful Family Traditions

Creating meaningful family traditions help your family grow in unity and love. They are also a good way to have special family wholesome activities that aren’t routines.


What are family traditions?

These are practices that are held at regular intervals. They are usually handed down from generation to generation to create positive feelings. However, each family can create its own unique family traditions to observe based on cultural, ethnic or spiritual heritage.


Ideas for creating your meaningful family traditions

Come up with a moderate number of traditions. The idea is not to have too few nor too many traditions. When your traditions are too few, your family might not get more opportunities to foster family unity. Too many traditions might make your family undermine the importance of some of your traditions. Moderation is key.


Create your own new family traditions. Many families are still observing traditions that were established centuries ago. There is nothing wrong with old family traditions, but every family is unique. What might have worked for your ancestors might not be too appealing to your kids. Encourage your family to do some research and come up with new traditions you can adopt as a family.


Evaluate your current family traditions. Gather your family and ask questions regarding the current family traditions you have. Review the list and decide which traditions need to be dropped and which ones you still want to continue with. This is also a great time to create new family traditions. Be creative and allow each family member to participate.


Examples of family traditions

Not sure how to start your traditions? Below are some traditions you can adopt for your unique family.


General Family Traditions


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-Each family member may choose his/her favorite meal to celebrate their birthday.

-Tell stories every night before bedtime.

-Establish your own family holiday.

-Dad and the kids can have a day when they prepare all family meals.

-Children may prepare a special meal to celebrate parents’ wedding anniversary.


Thanksgiving Family Traditions




-Send out Thanksgiving cards.

-Invite people without families of their own to a Thanksgiving dinner.

-Have everyone dress up in traditional outfits for dinner.

-Help serve food at a homeless shelter.

-Play an alphabetical gratitude game around the Thanksgiving dinner table.


Christmas Family Traditions




-Have each family member  to make a handmade gift for another family member.

-Act out the Christmas story.

-Put up the Christmas tree and decorations, making it an event with good food and music.

-Drive around your neighborhood looking at Christmas lights while listening to music.

-Collect or make one ornament each year that has a special meaning to your family.


New Year’s Family Traditions


new year's


-Set resolutions for the year as a whole family.

-Stay up late to usher in the new year.

-Go camping, share memories and stories from the past year.

-Celebrate the new year with a family party.

-Attend a New Year’s festival as a family.


Easter/Passover Family Traditions




-Dye Easter eggs together.

-Enjoy the Passover service as a family.

-Have an Easter egg hunt.

-Read Easter themed books to your children.

-Plant flowers together.



Halloween Family Traditions




-Hold an annual extended family or friend trick-or-treat party.

-Light a bonfire and sit around while enjoying your treats.

-Carve pumpkins to make lanterns.

-Plan a Halloween costume party.

-Put up Halloween decorations.


Valentine’s Day Family Traditions




-Write silly  poems to each other and place them where family members will find them.

-Moms can give their sons heart-shaped cookies while dads can give their daughters roses.

-Go out for a family Valentine’s day date.


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