Effective Goal Setting Rules for Moms

Effective Goal Setting Rules for Moms


Setting goals ensures that you know where you’re going, and how to get there. In this post, i will be addressing effective goal setting rules for moms.

Knowing what you’re trying to accomplish before taking any action is very important and the journey to Becoming (Motherhood: A Season of Becoming) is no exception. Hence the need for setting goals.


Importance Of Setting Goals

Goal setting provides vision and direction; and it’s connected to your personal happiness. As a mom and a woman in general, I’m constantly working towards growth and self development. I’ve found that setting goals and completing them increases my momentum. I’m ready to move on to the next goal with a high level of determination and confidence.

However, simply wanting to accomplish your personal goals will not miraculously make them happen. There’s a process you must follow and rules to help you along the way.


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Keep your goals realistic and worthwhile

While it’s true that goals need to challenge you, they also need to be realistic and attainable. In the same light, whatever goal you set must also be worthwhile. Such a goal will keep you motivated towards achieving it.


Write down your goals

A goal not written is only a wish. Many of us have experienced moments when we had great ideas in our heads but couldn’t remember much about them later. This happens when you don’t take time to write your goals down. Writing down goals helps you to remember exactly what you’re working towards.


Start by setting small goals

You can begin with setting daily goals; what you would want to achieve in just a day. The more you achieve these daily goals, the better you feel about yourself; because small goals build confidence and consistency. As you become good at achieving these daily goals, it will become easier to move onto setting goals for a week, a month and finally long-term goals.


Don’t feel guilty or dwell on thoughts of failure

Some days are going to be very trying and you won’t see much accomplishments but don’t give up or feel guilty. If you have been putting effort towards achieving your goal, there is no need to beat yourself up; you’re still heading the right direction even when you don’t see any instant results. Sometimes your goal will require more time and effort to achieve. Believe in yourself and your vision and be positive that you will get there.


Never compare yourself to anyone

People’s destinies are different, there is guaranteed to be someone who does things better, faster and efficiently than you, but it doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough. Use the resources at your disposal to the best of your ability, put effort and be the best  version of yourself. Engaging in comparisons will only leave you burnt out and with feelings of inadequacy. Work at your own pace towards your own goals, be unique, be yourself.


Change your goals accordingly

Let’s face it, sometimes things just don’t work out. When you realize this is the case, quitting shouldn’t be your first option, sometimes you just need to change the goal entirely or change something you’re doing in pursuit of that goal. At the end of the day it won’t help to be stuck with an endless goal simply because it was once the best idea you had. Be creative with your goals and evolve with them.


Set a time frame to achieve your goal

A goal with no completion time period is certainly fruitless, the point of setting a goal in the first place is to achieve results. When you set a goal, attach some timing to it for when you intend to accomplish it. Setting a time frame to your goal gives you the urge to work harder and to keep the momentum you need.


Set a goal with a specific purpose and a specific ending

You’re likely to achieve your goal if it’s got a specific purpose attached to it. When you set a goal with a specific purpose and ending, you simply incorporate an action plan outlining how you will achieve the said goal.

Setting specific goals with specific ending shows that you know what you want. It gives you something realistic to work towards and when you achieve such goals, you gain  a sense of fulfillment.


Share your goals with a trusted person close to you

This will help you to have some form of accountability. If someone close to you knows what you’re working towards, they can be a source of encouragement and support during your journey. It might be nice to encourage the person you share your goals with to set their own goals too just so both of you can push each other forward.


Whatever goal you choose, work at it diligently

Your goal will only become an accomplishment when you put the necessary time and effort towards achieving it.

Now that you have the rules to effective goal setting, go and make it happen. Remember that you can achieve anything you set your heart and mind on!


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