From Gender-Binary To Gender-Neutral

From Gender-Binary To Gender-Neutral


So, let’s talk about this shift from gender-binary to gender-neutral that’s making the rounds.

According to Wikipedia, “Gender binary also known as gender binarism, binarism, or genderism is the classification of gender into 2 distinct, opposite forms. Masculine and feminine. 

A growing number of parents and experts are advocating for a gender-neutral approach to raising kids. In this post, I will be highlighting some areas in which parents are adopting the gender-neutral approach.


Gender-Neutral Clothes

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Fashion is also getting the clue. A hoard of gender-neutral kids clothing brands have come on the scene. Gender-neutral clothing started as a niche industry but has grown to include big brands. We expect to see more fun, bright colors with pinks and blues for all genders.


Gender-Neutral Nurseries


While some parents are still sticking to traditional blue and pink nurseries, research shows there is a rise in gender-neutral nursery themes. Many are looking for pieces and styles to reuse in the future regardless of sex. 

Some parents are viewing gender-neutral nurseries as a practical need. For instance, gender-neutral paint colors don’t need repainting in a few years. The child grows with it. Sometimes the size of your house is a constraint, kids might need to share a room, so going neutral may be practical.


Gender-Neutral Reveal Parties

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Most of us have attended or seen lots of gender reveal parties where the eager parents-to-be cut the cake  to reveal a pink or blue filling. Well, there are some new gender reveal ideas to get your imagination going in a different direction. Gender-neutral reveals are being adopted more and more and gaining in popularity.

With gender-neutral reveals, parents are choosing themes that means something to them and there are not restricted by color. Anything goes really with these neutral reveal themes, what matters is that you have lots of fun.


Gender-Neutral Names

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Among the hot baby naming trends to watch for this year is the growth of gender- neutral names. Unisex names have been catching on for the past few years and more parents are falling in love with them!

Parents who are choosing these trend feel that neutral names don’t box the bearer into a certain gender mold. Celebrities have also helped the trend with some choosing to make traditionally-masculine names feminine. However incidents of girl names becoming boy names are very low.

This naming trend looks like it’s here to stay. If you’re expecting and leaning towards a gender-neutral name, get creative. Google has loads of ideas for you too!


Gender-Neutral Toys


Apparently there’s a new bill that has been proposed in California which calls for gender-neutral toy and clothing aisles in department stores. This AB2826 bill is due to be heard this month (March 2020).

While bills are being passed and all, gender-neutral toys are on the rise. According to Ken Seiter, executive VP of marketing communications at the Troy Association, gender-neutral toys have:”really become more and more prevalent” in the last 5 years. Seiter predicts that’s this toy trend is definately going to continue.

Some experts have argued that gender-neutral toys have many benefits for a growing child. Among these is the fact that they don’t reinforce gender stereotypes, they introduce kids to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). They also put forth that gender-neutral toys promote experimental thinking and also empower kids.


Well, whatever reasons and notions are behind the gender-neutral approach to things, especially parenting, its definitely rising. There are many other ideas connected to this trend I did not mention in this post. But the ones I included are the main ones that are impacting parenting styles.

What gender- binary and gender-neutral trends appeal to you? Feel free to comment and add more trends that are trending.

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