How I Manage To Complete My Chores

How I Manage To Complete My Chores

So today I’m going to share with you how I manage to complete my chores.

Let’s be honest, household chores have a way of making one feel like an under achiever. It’s very disheartening to come to the end of your day and see all the incomplete or the never-attempted tasks.

Personally, I try to minimize my stress levels; especially that kind of stress triggered by household chores. I’m not at all a perfectionist, sometimes I feel I just wing it, really. But aren’t most of us? 

Here’s how I manage to complete my chores:


A flexible schedule

Coming up with a schedule that worked best was hard at first, I kept changing it. But eventually, it all worked out. My schedule is mainly about particular days in which I do specific chores. For example, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are my laundry days, without fail. This might seem a bit much for some moms, but I have to. I have 3 kids who wear uniforms to school, so I need to be on top of my game making sure they have clean uniforms everyday. I also hate ironing those school pants my boys wear, 4 pairs is more than I can handle in a day!

On those laundry days, I also clean the house thoroughly; from walls to moving furniture and all that stuff. So the point is, you find what works for you, and come up with your flexible schedule. My schedule helps me to stay on track with my chores and I know exactly what to focus on.


Waking up early helps me to manage my chores

Well, this is easy for me because I go to bed early. I have developed this habit of going to bed early and waking up early as a way of helping myself really. There’s so much to be done around the house and it takes time to complete. Sometimes I feel like I have been robbed of some of my hours in a day. There’s just not enough time! When I wake up early, I’m able to prepare our youngest family member for school and start my day early as well. 

This helps me to finish most of my chores just after 10am and then tackle the ironing later on if it’s laundry day. Because I start my day early, I’m able to complete all my chores and have time for myself in the evenings.


Timing my tasks

How? Well, I look at the amount of chores I have and give each a certain amount of time. I find that if I just do tasks without looking at that clock, I just don’t get much done. Before I know it, the kids are home from school, that means helping with homework and all that. 

I allocate an hour at most for each chore, that excludes laundry though; my washing machine takes care of that department. But what I do when its laundry day, I switch between say, cleaning the floors with loading the machine or removing stains. Still, I make sure I stay within the time limit I have set for cleaning the house.

Its hard though at first, you might not be as fast as you intend to and this may cause you to be under a bit of pressure. But practice makes perfect, when you do it consistently or out of habit, you will realise that you are able to complete each task within the set time. Most of all, you will be able to complete all your daily chores.


How I manage to complete my chores by involving family members

I’m not shy to ask for help from my family. The older kids can do so much, I just ask them and they do help. As parents sometimes we want to do everything by ourselves. This might be because we feel the kids won’t do the task perfectly or we just feel they are unable to. But hey, the world we are raising our kids in is just tough. When we ask our kids for example to help us, we are also helping them to be responsible and learn life skills.

Don’t ever feel bad about asking for help, especially with tasks the kids can do. Spouses can also be a source of help. My husband enjoys ironing and when I’m not well, or just need help in that department, he helps me out. When I was pregnant with our daughter, I didn’t iron for over 5 months, he was helping and it really was a burden off my shoulders. I’m grateful for those moments when I ask for help from my family and everyone pitches in. It really helps me to complete my chores when I’m overwhelmed.


Planning my tasks ahead 

This is like a sub-part of scheduling chores. I usually plan tasks like running errands and meals ahead, so that when it’s time, I just get into it without me thinking too much. I don’t know if some of you folks find it stressful to think of what to cook everyday? For me the worst part is when I ask for suggestions and everyone looks at me like…You should know, you are the mom after all!

So planning some of my tasks ahead have been a life saver, it’s how I manage to complete my chores and also to be a bit organised. However, note that I don’t get all the planning done while sitting down. Sometimes, well, most of the time, I get ideas while I’m busy with something and I just make a note of the idea.

So that’s basically my practices on how I manage to complete chores. Any other ideas and tips you find helpful in your personal life? Please feel welcome to share with us, I might get a cool idea to add to my list!


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