Modern Family and Parenting Trends

Modern Family and Parenting Trends

Let’s face it, modern family and parenting trends are impacting parents and families every year. Being a millennial mom myself, I am affected by the ever changing parenting and family styles. I want to believe that most parents out there are experiencing the same.

My goal here is to address and share these trends as they emerge. However, bear in mind that  adopting these trends is your personal choice.


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Raising kids and taking care of a family is becoming increasingly demanding and at times, overwhelming. Parents are investing more and more in ways that help them balance the demands of family and life.

Family and parenting trends have become a great source for ideas and tips on parenting and raising families. More parents are adopting these trends, especially the ones that fit their parenting and family style. 

I feel that we are so privileged as parents to be  raising our families in this day. While the time comes with its own challenges, we have access to so much wisdom. From science, parenting experts and from fellow parents’ real experiences. All these help us do our job as parents to the best of our abilities.

Now, trends being trends, they come and go, although some have withstood the test of time. We live in an ever changing world and what might have worked or be the “in thing” two years ago, may not be the case in 2020. 

I hope that when you decide to follow some trends, that you will choose only those trends that resonate with you and your family. At the end of the day, we just want to stay informed, on what’s happening around us, right?

Stay tuned if you like to keep up with the trends or would like to be informed generally about what’s happening in Familyville/Parentville.

What’s your take on trends that are impacting parents and their families today? Share your thoughts by commenting below.


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