Motherhood: A Season of Becoming

Motherhood: A Season of Becoming




Is it a messy house and kids, a mom with baggy eyes from lack of sleep, or just diapers and more diapers – dirty or clean? In other words, is Motherhood solely equated to maternity?

I have come to the realization that Motherhood is more than bearing children, it’s a  season of Becoming. This is a time to define your identity and re-establish your purpose in life. You will experience the  busiest season of your life, full of changes and challenges; but you will find fulfillment as you work towards your personal growth.

Like many things in life, the season of Becoming during Motherhood is a process. Here are three steps to help you in this journey to Becoming:

Embrace Motherhood

Embracing Motherhood/


The essence of Motherhood involves embracing emotions. A mom feels joy, excitement, fear, love, pain, exhaustion, discouragement, hurt and many more. You will not be able to thrive as a millennial mom or as an individual if you don’t experience some form of emotion. You need to recognize these emotions and allow yourself to experience them; the good and the bad.

A mother must embrace Motherhood with passion. Remember, passion and success are closely related. If you’re not passionate about being a mom to your kids or about doing those things that will help you develop as an individual, then everything you do will feel like being stuck in a role you despise with every atom of your being, and you will just do it out of sense of duty.

Passion can be cultivated by throwing yourself into Motherhood wholeheartedly and working hard at it. Be selfless and appreciate the magical moments that you will encounter as you perform your mom role and as you work at Becoming.


Blend into Motherhood

Motherhood: A Season of Becoming-Blend/


Moms have a lot of responsibilities; family, 9-5 jobs, or running a business, there seems to be no time to breathe. Where do you strike the balance? Is there even a balance in all this? Well, I don’t think your life scale will balance that much. However, you can blend in everything; your job, your mom role, business, and social life. Blend into Motherhood and allow your other activities to blend in with this role. That way, you feel less pressured, you define yourself and can become a thriving mom, a successful entrepreneur or a satisfied employee; with a healthy social life.

Maybe you want to hold down your 9-5 job while still being a mom to your kids, or maybe you want to use your downtime without feeling bad about getting away from your kids for a while, and many other things. You can do it all, simply blend and make the necessary time.


Evolve during Motherhood



You can still maintain your unique individuality and build the identity of the kind of woman you want to become. Motherhood doesn’t mean that you put your dreams and goals in the backseat. You can still engage in productive activities that can bring growth and fulfillment in your life.

You might have the ideal life and family but there is always room to evolve. There is always something new to learn, a hobby or skill; that can bring more contentment in your life. Never be too caught up in your role as a mom that you neglect learning.

The process of evolving is not easy, fear of change can get in the way, but you can start where you are. Be aware of what you do, how you do it and the reason why you do it, then take it from there. You will evolve with time and above all, you will evolve into a better version of your present self.

Season of Becoming

A Season of Becoming-self-development/


Motherhood is an unending season. It’s a season of Becoming more than just a mom, it’s a season of self-awareness, and rebuilding yourself. A season to be whole as a mom and as a woman, and above all, it’s a season of reaching greater heights.


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