8 Things to Teach Your Child Responsibility

8 Things to Teach Your Child Responsibility


Responsibility is a principle everyone should know; more so your child. In this post I will address 8 things you can teach your child to learn responsibility.

 You want your child to be equipped with the necessary skills and one of them is the ability to take responsibility. However, there is a danger in giving your child too much responsibility too soon. But there is also a danger in giving a child too little responsibility  too late.

As a parent, you need to have good judgement on what responsibility your child can handle. At the end of the day, the goal is to teach your child a life-long principle about responsibility. Remember, you are their first cheerleader, so be patient, and loving when you assign responsibilities to your child.


Here are 8 things you can assign your child to teach them responsibility:


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1. Pack up toys after playtime

Being the tidy mom that you’re, you probably might think it best to pack away toys on your child’s behalf. However, this is a task that smaller kids can do by themselves. You can turn it into a game; like aiming toys into the toy box; without breaking them obviously; or creating your own fun song about packing toys. This helps to keep your child motivated and even eager to pick up toys next time playtime is over.

Start by doing it with your child, just don’t do most of it. Your job is to teach and encourage by giving minimum assistance.


2. Look after personal property

It can become frustrating when your child constantly comes to you asking where a toy, sock, pencil, or toy is. Make life easier by teaching your child to look after his/her things properly and ensure items have designated places in which they are kept.

Get your child a pencil case for the pencils or crayons, toy box for toys; or keep socks in their designated drawer. When there is a designated place for things, they will learn to look after their things properly and to be organised.


3.  Understand that every choice yields a consequence

A child can learn to make wise and good choices even at a tender age. Help your child understand that whatever choice they make there will be a consequence; good or bad.

 Reward good choices generously, deal with bad ones in a way that your child will learn to do better next time. You can make use of stickers for younger kids. For instance, a star sticker for good choices and a red dot to indicate a poor choice. With older kids, you can give more mature rewards and privileges accordingly.


4.    Help with household chores

Moms have a tendency of wanting to do everything by themselves, to either save time or for perfection’s sake. Unfortunately, the world we are raising our kids in has become very competent. Without instilled work ethics, most people will not thrive. Teach your child the importance of work.

Kids that are a bit older can do dishes, take out the dustbin and a bit of gardening if necessary. As they grow older, they will know their duties, they might fret now and again but teach them this responsibility anyway. Equip your child for the future by teaching the importance of work. Show them that “the privilege to work is a gift, the power to work is a blessing, and the love of work is success”.


5.   To be responsible for own learning

One activity that comes to mind is homework and school projects. Sometimes you may be tempted to do it for them, but remember, we all are responsible for our own learning. Studying for school assignments and exams should be something a child takes responsibility for. As parents, we can only encourage and remind them to do certain things but when it comes to acquiring that knowledge, it takes personal effort.


6.   Learn to prepare a simple meal

 I know and agree that mom’s food is the best, but it doesn’t hurt to teach your child to prepare cereal, or a sandwich. Of course, they will not be perfect at first, but this is how they learn. 

Life happens. At some point you’re not going to be available to give your child a ready-made sandwich. But if you have taught them how to do it, they will be ready to sort something simple to eat during your absence.

As they get older, they can learn to make simple meals,boil perfect eggs, make a salad and many other simple foods that they can prepare with minimum effort.


7.    Make decisions in areas where wrong choices won’t cause any lasting harm

I started by allowing my daughter when she was three to choose clothes she wished to wear on certain days. Sometimes the combinations were not so good, but with time she learnt to do it perfectly.

Such a decision will not harm your child, in fact, it can help with building their confidence and develop creativity.

You can also allow your child to make decisions when you eat out by selecting their own meal, bear in mind that you might have to explain the details of the menu to a younger kid. If they choose something that turns out not to be nice, it’s still ok, they learn from the experience and there is always a next time. The idea is to teach them to make decisions, which is a very crucial life skill.


8.    Responsibility to work with money and understand the value of it

A child who knows the value of money will not be wasteful or demand things unnecessarily. You can teach your child to be responsible with money by giving them some spending money, giving advice on certain purchases and allowing them to do the rest.

Teach your child about the importance of saving money; let him/her understand that they don’t need to blow every cent in one go.

Another thing that can help them value money is to learn to earn it in the first place. Your child can earn when they help with something or it can be a reward for good performance or for making a good choice. When they get into the habit of earning their own money, they can become better at handling and using money.

These 8 things to teach your child responsibility are just some of the things I have used as a mom. There are many other things you can come up with to help your child become responsible. Every family situation is different and it’s important that you do what works for you and your child.


        From a Wise Perennial

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