The Birth Of Gender Reveal Parties

The Birth Of Gender Reveal Parties

This post was inspired by curiosity reallySince this trend is going strong, I just thought of looking at the birth of gender reveal parties and obviously share my findings with you.

So gender reveal parties have been the thing for the last few years. This trend started as a fun, social way to announce a baby’s gender to family and friends.

I never had a gender reveal party when I was pregnant with my daughter, in fact, the idea never crossed my mind. Nonetheless, I like the idea and enjoy seeing different ways parents reveal their baby’s gender. Most of the ideas are genius really, I have come across some extremely creative ideas and themes, if it turns out to be a gender reveal party.

Here is good news to folks who are into reveals, the trend IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE! In fact there is going to be outrageous, and possibly dangerous reveals! Please exercise caution and be safe.

There are lots of gender reveal ideas out there you can use to make this day memorable and fun. 

This post however, takes a different turn from your most gender reveals articles and posts. Instead of focusing on theme ideas and how to host gender reveals. I just want to go back in time and share with you how this trend came to be.


The History Of Gender Reveal Parties


In 2008, Jenna Myers Karvunidis was pregnant, and wanted to celebrate this event. She was very excited about the baby and wanted her family to share her joy. However, her husband’s family had just welcomed a new grandchild and were not really too excited about this next baby.

With her own family living far away, the mother-to-be came up with an idea that would get everyone jazzed up for the new baby. She decided to reveal the sex of her baby by having a party. 

During her 20-week ultra sound scan, she asked the midwife to keep quiet about the gender. The midwife then sealed a note containing the secret in an envelope. Jenna baked 2 duckling shaped cakes and filled them with pink and blue icing.

It took some work for her to convince her family to gather for a no-purpose mid week party. However, everyone was very thrilled when the buttercream duckling revealed pink. She was expecting a little girl! Her party idea and the cake achieved all that Jenna had hoped to bring her pregnancy to life.

 Jenna started a blog about this event and it was picked up by a popular magazine found in waiting rooms of midwives and obstetricians. This was the birth of gender reveal parties. Her story spread and parents everywhere started following this trend.

While Jenna initiated this trend in the first place, its popularity was escalated by social media. People started posting elaborate and even outrageous gender reveal parties through videos and photos on social media.

While there is mixed feelings about gender reveals, the trend keeps growing in popularity.

Remember folks, just like any other trend out there, the choice of having a gender reveal party rests with you, the individual.


“A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities”. – Eda J. Le Shan

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